The purpose of the NOAGE Outreach volunteer position is to work with the Executive Director to develop an outreach strategy with the goal of increasing NOAGE’s visibility in the community.


Develop an outreach plan with the executive director that facilitates new strategic partnerships, increases membership, and increases attendance at NOAGE events through virtual and in person communication, marketing materials, and partner event support.


Ability to travel within the community, good communication skills, a willingness to meet with businesses, service providers, and non-profits to develop or strengthen partnerships with NOAGE.

Term/Length of Service

1 year with continuation of service mutually agreed upon between volunteer and executive director.

Time Required

5 to 10 hours a month.

Training Required

NOAGE Orientation to understand the SAGE/NOAGE mission, board and staff, as well as NOAGE’s programs, services, and membership benefits.

Travel Required

Travel within the community.

Available Resources

NOAGE volunteers are eligible for reimbursable expenses upon prior approval of the board member partner and Executive Director. Cultural competency training is also available for volunteers who would like additional information and understanding about the


To find out more, or to volunteer for this or any of our other volunteer opportunities, you can complete the form below, or email us at info@noagenola.org or call (504) 517-2345.

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