The purpose of the NOAGE Fundraising volunteer position is to assist the Executive Director with fundraising via grantwriting, special events, sponsors, etc.


  1. Assist with grantwriting
  2. Assist with special fundraiser events
  3. Assist with sponsor outreach and solicitation


NOAGE Membership and experience with fundraising for nonprofits.

Term/Length of Service

A one year commitment is recommended and reappointment is based on agreement between volunteer and SAGE/NOAGE.

Time Required

5 to 10 hours per month.

Training Required

NOAGE Orientation to understand the NOAGE mission, board and staff, as well as SAGE/NOAGE’S programs and services.

Travel Required

Travel within the community.

Available Resources

NOAGE volunteers are eligible for reimbursable expenses upon prior approval of the board member partner and Executive Director. Cultural competency training is also available for volunteers who would like additional information and understanding about the LGBTQ


To find out more, or to volunteer for this or any of our other volunteer opportunities, you can complete the form below, or email us at or call (504) 517-2345.

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